Congratulations  Johrel Martschinke who plays the supporting role of Connor in the Feature Film 'Swimming For Gold'

Congratulations  Kenji Shimada  who has booked a recurring role in The Bureau of Magical Things S2.

Congratulations  JAMES MONARSKI featured in the national campaign for Queen Fine Foods.

Congratulations  ISLA PRINCETON featured in this latest campaign for Dominos.

Congratulations  KENJI SHIMADA featured in this national commercial for Zymil.

Congratulations  JAMES MONARSKI featured in this national campaign for Queensland Rail.C

Congratulations  SAM LIDDELL in the latest tic for NEDS.

Congratulations  JOSH SANERIVE featured in this "No Charge" TVC for Dominos.

Congratulations MICHAEL HARTCHER as the Pasta Scientist in this national TVC for Wattyl Paint.

Congratulations RACH HUNT appearing as Janelle Freeman in Harrow S2 ep5.

Congratulations  Fraser Anderson as Will Hobson in Harrow S2 ep8.

Congratulations  Fraser Anderson as Arnold Buttersworth in episode 3 & 4 of CH9 Seachange.